Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mall Scavenger Hunt

This past Saturday my oldest daughter, De'yanna turned 15. She wanted to keep it simple so we decided on a mall scavenger hunt. I found the cutest credit card style invitation from http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/ that was a free printable and laminated them.

Front & Back

Then I made up the hunt list and passed them out at the mall to each girl giving them an hour to complete the list. All the girls had to participate and they had to bring back pictures, which would add up to the amount that would be given to my daughter to shop with. The main items were $20-$30 and there were a few bonuses that were $5 each.

They were off and back before the hour was up. To my surprise the hardest one for them to find was a fast food menu(which was only a $5 bonus), but they were determined to complete the list and that they did. They had so much fun with this and still had enough time to shop before meeting up with more friends to go out for dinner. This is a great idea for tweens/teens since they love to shop and they can have fun with  their friends. For the most part the store associates were very helpful to the girls but there were a few that turned their noses at them and said no(what party poopers). They have lots of list ideas online but I would come up with my own because they were kind of boring to me. There are also other types of scavenger hunt ideas online if your child is not into shopping. Whichever idea you decide on your child is bound to have fun......and you will get a kick out of the pictures.
De'yanna's the one with the pink cheetah scarf on

Picture with cheetah panties over their clothes

girls in red hats

Picture with a naked manequin

Picture dressed like a manequin

Dance with a stranger.....aren't they the cutest strangers you've ever seen?

They had so much fun they found another stranger to dance with

fast food menu

One of three logo bags...which no one would give so they had to buy something.

There were a few more bonuses......but you get the point(they aren't as fun to post).

Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY: Chocolate Nest Bowls

Easter is right around the corner so I thought I would show you how to make these cute chocolate nest bowls. I made these with the kids last year to decorate our tables at church and they were super easy. I forgot which blog I got this from so my apologies for not giving recognition.

Omit the cotton candy....it didn't work out

First you want to blow up small balloons to the desired size and grease it(keeps you from fighting to get the balloon out of the chocolate shell).
Melt the chocolate wafers in a bowl

Dip the balloons in the chocolate and place them on aluminum foil or parchment paper.

Next you want to stick the balloon so that the air releases slowly, otherwise if it pops quickly it may cause the chocolate shell to wither. And I didn't do it myself but I suggest dipping it 2 or 3 times because 1 layer is too fragile and will break easily.

Finally, decorate with peeps and chocolate eggs.

You can see where some of my nest bowls broke, but still cute right?

Chocolate bunt cake decorated with peeps and malt eggs.
I hope you all have fun trying this out. Let me know how yours turns out. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Business Progress.....almost there!

I'm so excited!!! I got so much accomplished today regarding my business. I registered the business name, Small Wonders Childrens Event Planning, obtained my business license and business credit card and am in the process of getting my logo created. My website, http://www.smallwondersevents.com/ is under construction but I am in search of a graphic designer to take care of that for me, so I'm 80% of the way there!!! I will keep you all posted.

Free Party!! (UPDATE)

It didn't take long to get responses from my last post so I have started planning my two FREE parties!! One is this month and the other is next month. That's really not a lot of time but I can guarantee that my clients will be pleased. Off to work I go. Pic to come!