Friday, June 8, 2012

Eryn's 1st Diva Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Even at one Eryn is such a little diva. I just loved planning this diva Hello Kitty party for her because I am such a Hello Kitty lover myself. I really needed to get creative since I had to plan such a fru fru party that still included boys....I know, ewww boys ;0).  But I found out a way to make it a gender neutral party...well as close as I could. For the favor bags I made Hello Kitty and Mr. Kitty chalkboard pales(tutorial to follow), Hello Kitty headbands and bow ties and neutral games like Pin the bow on Hello Kitty, had a bubble dance(can't go wrong with bubbles) and had face painting. Of course, as Murphy's Law should be my middle name, this was supposed to be an outdoor party but do to being rained out we had to take it indoors. Enjoy the pictures.


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  1. Aww! Look at her, she looks so cute with a yellow nose! Well done, fantastic decoration and arrangement has been done here. It looks like a professionally decorated venue NYC. I loved the theme and the colors used for everything.