Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kobee's Seussical 1st Birthday Party!

As soon as I found out that I was pregnant with my now 1 year old son Kobee, the first thing that I began to think about was how would I decorate his room....what would his theme be? This is when I found a new love for Dr. Seuss. I wanted everything Seuss but to my surprise there was not a lot of Dr. Seuss decor available.  My friends threw me a Dr. Seuss baby shower but I only received two Dr. Seuss nursery pieces so again I was on my own. But I did get to use some of the decorations from the shower for Kobee's nursery that was also used for his birthday party. I got a lot of ideas from some great blogs and tweaked them a bit to make them my own. I also had to search day and night to find costumes, favors,etc. to pull together a great party. Thank God for Ebay and Etsy! I found almost everything I needed and what I couldn't find I figured out how to make. I also wanted to get the Cat in the Hat to come but the closest Dr. Seuss character was over 1,000 miles away, so I searched and I searched and finally found a site that had a costume in stock and paid a friend to play the part. It actually worked out better because we weren't limited on time and the kids got to interact with him more than a professional would have allowed. I didn't get to do all the things I wanted, like make gloves and bow ties, but I was still very happy with the outcome. Enough talking and on to the pictures........

Cake by: Stacey Cakes and Treats
Photo banner that I made
Pom flowers that I made for the food table

Candy table

I ordered the favor boxes from Birthday Express but purchase favors from various sites

Coloring book that I made.

All the guests got to take a pic with Cat in the Hat

The kids were all over Cat in the Hat

And I got to used the party decorations for Kobee's room

I couldn't resist showing off our mommy & me Thing hats


  1. Such a fun, whimsical party! You did an amazing job creating a Dr. Seuss theme with clothes, costumes, food, decor & more! I'm planning to feature you on soon. Thanks for sharing your Seusstastic party!

  2. Thank you so much Victoria. I'm glad you liked and it was up to obSEUSSed standards!!! Love your blog and would be honored to be featured. Thanks!

  3. How did you make the thing mom and dad shirts? Do you have a download/file to print onto iron ons? I would be interested in it if you do!!!

  4. You can purchase the iron on transfer or the shirt already made off of or you could just create it yourself. The font is free online. I hope this helps :)