Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cake from the Heart

I remember a time when there was no thought of a store bought cake. I will never forget the cake that my daddy(yes I'm an adult but a daddy's girl for life) made for my 11th birthday. It was a round strawberry layer cake with strawberry icing and sliced strawberries covering the whole thing.....mmmmm. Although I love to buy a beautifully flawless decorated cake to match any theme imaginable, there is nothing like a cake made from the heart. Believe it or not, it's the adults that seek the "perfect" cake, not the kids. I admit that I'm talking about myself when I say that I would rather have my cake made by a professional but there were certain instances that I've tried my hand in cake decorating. They may have been a bit lop-sided but the kids(and adults) still raved about them anyway. Thanks to the Internet, the "how-to" to any kind of cake decoration is a keystroke away. A few years ago I threw my daughter a Cinderella birthday party and refused to pay a hundred plus dollars for a castle cake that I wasn't that crazy about, so I went searching online. It's amazing what you can find online and how creative my fellow mothers are. This project became so much fun for me and my girls. Of course I had to have a trial run before the big day to make sure it would turn out okay and thank the Lord that I did. Hat's off to the professionals because even the easiest recipe took hours for me to complete...and I used boxed cake mix! I never knew how much went into making a cake since I've always loved a simple bunt cake for desert. But you can make a $100 cake for about $10 and your kids and friends will remember it forever. Here are some of the cakes I've made for different occasions. Warning....not perfect but appreciated and from the heart.
Trial run castle cake
Actual castle cake
(notice an extra layer)
Diva barbie cake for a Diva babyshower
Cinderella barbie cake
Cake that I made for my volleyball team the "Housewives of VA"
(made with store bought fondant)
Made with Christmas tree cake pan with rice krispie treat gifts

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