Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kennedy's 5th birthday party.........There is still a such thing as customer service

Well, it's a new day and I feel a little bad that I started off telling you all about a bad experience and not giving recognition to the great service that I received for Kennedy's party. First for all readers in the Richmond Tri-City area, Lois with 'Balloons and Thing' is awesome. Any type of balloon you need, be it a character or an arch, she has it....if she doesn't have it she will find it! I met Lois last year when I was in search of balloons for Kennedy's 4th birthday. We hit it off right away. I can be a bit over the top when it comes to parties but whatever idea I came up with she would just get excited opposed to frustrated. She even gave me some ideas. She is a very kind and down to earth person and her rates are reasonable. She delivers and is prepared for any mishaps that may occur. So if you ever need balloons for whatever type of event check her out at Next, I have to shout out to Rollerdome Skating Rink(  on Williamsburg Rd. I really don't even like to have parties at venues like this. I love parties at homes or at empty locations because I love to create a certain atmosphere that matches whatever theme I'm working with, but Kennedy just had to have a skating party this year. Now you can book a private party but my 5 year old doesn't know enough people to have an exclusive party there. To my surprise they really exceeded my expectations. The cost was more than reasonable considering what was included. The had all the paper products, treat bags, glow sticks, free passes for all guests, a pass for a free lesson for each guest, two pizzas, four drink refills as well as a pair of skates. And these skates were not cheap....they ended up being the exact same as the pair that I own. And I can't leave out that they bring them to the middle of the skating rink, sing happy birthday and give them a gift. Kennedy got a $2 bill, which I loved since I collect them. And even though the price was reasonable they also had two other packages that were cheaper for those on a smaller budget. Now to the customer service portion. Because I still had to go with a theme(Hello Kitty) I told them I wanted to bring my own decorations. If you read my last blog you know that I was late to my own party, but as soon as I walked in a young lady took my bag and set up my table. She constantly came back to check on us to see if we needed anything, not to the point where she got annoying but just enough so that we didn't have to go looking for her. Another gentleman came to our table regarding the remainder of the bill but the way he went about it was so professional. He wouldn't say that we needed to pay he just said they needed us at the front making sure no one around us knew we hadn't paid yet(even though I wouldn't have cared). It was his way of saying, "it's no ones business what you're needed for" and I appreciated that. They made this party so much fun for me since I didn't have to worry about anything. I don't know if God allowed so much great customer service to me that day because of my cake incident but thank God! So to sum it all up....customer service still lives!

Hello Kitty balloons

My own favors to give out along with the skating rinks

My personal favors

Kennedy's new skates!

Hello Kitty tableware

More balloons

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  1. very nice...where did you get those clear balloons with the white dots?