Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first booking!!!!

Yeah!!! I'm so excited! I just got my first request to plan a birthday party thanks to this blog. Wow, who knew that blogging would work this fast....I guess everyone except me. ;0)
Her little boy's party isn't for a couple of months but that is actually perfect. It gives me enough time come up with some different ideas and search for all kinds of great stuff. I like for each party to be unique and memorable so I like to start early.
What really made me feel special is when she said that she wanted to hurry up and book me before I was booked up....that's got to mean something. I believe that God is working in my favor and this business venture is really going to pick up faster than I could've ever imagined. Thank you Aisha very first customer!
To Nneka (, thanks for giving me some guidance, sorry I didn't start when you told me to last year.
I can't wait to share my journey with all of you.

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  1. Congrats Chris! I know you're going to do amazing things.