Monday, April 4, 2011

No more business for The Mixing Bowl

Hello fello bloggers. This is my first time writing a blog.... after a year of actually creating it. I couldn't figure out how to start off especially since I've never been much of a writer nor do I have an eloquent way with words, but I won't let that stop me. Hopefully as I grow so will my grammer and vocabulary. So on to the reason I finally got the nerve up to begin. Being a mother of three I love to celebrate life. Birthdays, babyshowers, name it and I'll celebrate it. I am a very positive person and that's why I hate to start off complaining. When I do business with someone I expect to be treated with respect and professionalism. I just had a birthday party for my 5 year old daughter at the skating rink which should have been a breeze since I didn't have to find activities or entertainment for the kids. But of course nothing ever goes as planned. So I get up early, take my god daughter to dance class and I'm on my way to pick up the cake. While in route(10:45) the company that was making my cake, The Mixing Bowl, called to tell me that they need to push the pick up time back. I explained that I needed to be at the venue by 12:30 to set up because the party started at 1:00. The first thing they said to me was, "well, you weren't supposed to pick it up until 12:00 anyway." So I said ok it needs to be there by 12:00 then. She went on to say that it wasn't her fault and that they were behind and "it is what it is" I couldn't believe it. So I say to her, "please don't get frustrated, I just need my cake on time." She tried to say she wasn't getting frustrated she was just in the middle of a console. I responded by reminding her that she called me. So to make a long story short we went back and forth, which is a no-no for business etiquette, and finally said that she would call the owner and call me back. I was demanding either my cake be on time of they deliver the cake to my venue since it had to be delivered to that location anyway. They called back and said ok it'll be here by 12. I got there at 11:50 and no cake. cake. 12:02 no cake. So I ask how long will it take and the same lady that was so very kind to me when ordering was once again getting frustrated. She's telling me that they have 40 deliveries and that it was only 12:02. Of course I rebutted, I had just heard the other girls say they just left. She then went to the back and expressed her frustration loud enough for me to hear. The cake finally makes it there at 12:15 and by the time they brought it in, took pictures of it and put it in my car it was 12:25. I'm 20 minutes away from home, my daughters not ready and I'm already late for the set up. Needless to say, I was twenty minutes late for the party(not the setup, the party) and I was not happy. The cake was actually delicious but the decor did not wow me. It was a Hello Kitty 3D cake and when ordering it I was told it would be made with love since the person making it just loved HK. I also left a napkin with them so that she could blend the cake in with the party decor. I asked that the skates have pink wheels and she stopped me and said just let her make it that way she can just use her imagination and it would be wonderful. It was cute but wonderful it was not. Where were my pink wheels, my pink pom poms, where was the wow factor? I would never use The Mixing Bowl again. I order a lot of cakes and this was the worse experience I've ever had. Oh by the way, they did offer me $10 off(of a $115 cake) but by that time they had already insulted me and caused me to be late and frustrate me. What ever happened to keeping the customer happy or at least doing the right thing by the customer. You never debate with a customer especially when she/he is not being confrontational. I was the one inconvenienced and disappointed but they tried to act like because they were behind I should just understand and accept it. I know that I'm rambling on now but I needed to vent and who better to vent to than the world.
The cake was cute but does not match anything in the paperware as you can see in the first picture.

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